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Mike Petke: “It will take some time to make this my team”

Following from his sides disappointing 1-0 loss on Friday against Orlando City, RSL coach Mike Petke said that he wasn’t worried about the performance as he saw positives, despite his sides defeat.

“I’m not shaking, I’m not panicking, the only thing that is shaking and panicking in me is my competitiveness,” said Petke, who stressed that it will be a while before he fully makes this Real Salt Lake side his own.

“I’ve been quiet on a few things, but it is going to take some time before I can fully make this my team. I’m sure people don’t see the positives, even in the losses, but I see tons of positives,” Petke added. “The only two games that I haven’t seen positives in were against Dallas and Houston, in every game besides those two, I’ve seen positives.”

Despite his positive outlook on the game, Petke still had some gripes about his sides performance, especially on the defending for Orlando’s goal. “100% our players froze on their goal. It was something we had worked on during the week and in the build up to the game, the deliveries from the left hand side and on set pieces. We fell asleep for one second and (Will) Johnson came in full force and scored.”

Petke once again spoke about more positives from the game, especially his sides ability to create chances and uses the wings effectively, but he wasn’t so glowing about his sides inability to score.

“One of the few things I can take positives on from this game was that we worked on a couple of things this week, and one of them was changing the point of attack quickly and directly because a staple of (Jason) Kreis’ team is to lock on the sidelines. I think we attacked on the wing well with Brooks (Lennon) and Chris Wingert overlapping.

“Not only did we not convert our chances, some of them we completely missed. With the possession we had, the danger we had, we have to give credit to Jason’s team. It seemed like every cross we put in, 50% of them were blocked. At the half time, the coaching staff and players weren’t nervous. We had a lot of opportunities in the first half and expected more to come our way, but they just didn’t come. “

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